Power To Your Period

We were tired of the same old. 

We get it: Walk the period care aisle of any pharmacy, and you’re assaulted by pink boxes and steep prices. It’s time to fight back. To demand more than the status quo. Because a lot’s changed since you joined the ranks of people with periods, but not enough about period care has—until now. We believe in people, transparency and innovation. It’s time #breakthecycle of shame around period care and rally for all who menstruate.

When 1 in 3 Canadians with periods under the age of 25 are not able to afford period products and a box of tampons costs up to $45 in some remote communities, we need a new approach. At joni we're working with our partners to dismantle stereotypes and work to humanize the impact of what it means to live in period poverty in order to find solutions to eliminate it, with your help.

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Our Values


We believe everyone matters regardless of economic status, sexual orientation, race or religion and we stand for equality.


We know that many small steps can equal big changes. Every single pad donation, connection, partnership and decision has an impact.


We care deeply and apply that to everything we do. Every day we try to make the world better than it was the day before.

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