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No more "oh shit" moments. It's never been easier to switch to sustainable and chemical-free period care—delivered to you when you need it. Choose a one-time purchase or a risk-free subscription and save 15%.

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Better for You+

Conventional petroleum-based plastic pads take over 300+ years to break-down. Yikes! joni uses compostable and biodegradable materials with FSC, OEKO-TEX® and ECOCERT certifications making joni better for you and the planet.

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Period Equity

We're on a mission to make sustainable period care just as accessible as toilet paper. This includes schools and work so we created our own joni dispensers to support #periodequity initiatives at your organizations.

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joni for your business

87% of people who menstruate are caught off guard at work and school. 37% of them leave to find a solution. Providing free period care, just like toilet paper, makes good business sense. #periodequity

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110,000+ pads donated

1 in 3 Canadians under the age of 25 don't have access to safe period care across our communities. Our 5% giveback model funds product donations, education and research initiatives with our non-profit partners.

Learn more about our 5% for menstrual equity model and why we're different on purpose.

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why joni

It all started with one idea—how can we make innovative and sustainable menstrual products accessible to everyone who needs them? We believe that radical transparency, unapologetic inclusivity, and the courage to be different on purpose is a form of resistance. Welcome to the joni community.

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