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joni uses the highest quality compostable, organic and biodegradable materials with FSC, OEKO-TEX® and ECOCERT certifications making joni pads and tampons sustainable options that actually work.

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No more "oh shit" moments. It's never been easier to switch to sustainable and chemical-free period care—delivered to you when you need it. Choose a one-time purchase or a risk-free subscription and save 15%.

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5% Giveback

We're on a mission to make sustainable period care accessible. With every order, we donate 5% to our non-profit partners. With your help, we have donated over 115,000 products to communities across Canada.


Commercial Solutions

Full turn-key commercial solutions including period care dispensers, pads and tampons for your organization.

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120,000+ pads donated

1 in 3 Canadians under the age of 25 don't have access to safe period care across our communities. Our 5% giveback model funds product donations, education and research initiatives with our non-profit partners.

Learn more about our 5% for menstrual equity model and why we're different on purpose.

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why joni

It all started with one idea—how can we make chemical-free and sustainable menstrual products accessible to everyone who needs them and not just a niche option? We believe that radical transparency, unapologetic inclusivity, and the courage to be different on purpose is a form of resistance. Welcome to the joni community.

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