We’re different on purpose.

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Ecosystem of accessible period care™

We knew it was time for new personal and commercial solutions because the world has changed dramatically, but not enough about mainstream period care has. We were seeing the same old plastic-based products on retail shelves or broken paid dispensers in public washrooms when we were caught off-guard at work or school.

We're on a mission to redefine how we support people who menstruate at home, work and schools by making sustainable period care accessible to everyone who needs it.

Find us at over 600 retailers across Canada, at 100's of organizational partners carrying joni commercial dispensers or sign-up to our risk-free subscriptions to get joni shipped to your home. For every purchase, we donate 5% of our revenues to our non-profit partners across Canada which builds the joni ecosystem of accessible period care!

We are people powered.

We make game-changing period care.

By merging design with innovation, we create the world's most innovative, accessible, and sustainable period care products and smart dispensers. Join us in driving the outdated and wasteful US$26 billion “feminine hygiene” industry into the 21st century.




Incontinence Care (Coming soon!)

...and make them accessible to everybody, everywhere.








Join us in our mission to drive menstrual equity forward together with our partners.

Giveback to education, non-profits and advocacy

1 in 3 Canadians under the age of 25 don't have access to safe period care across our communities. Our giveback model funds product donations, education and research initiatives with our non-profit partners.

Our core values

be different on purpose

From our designs, to our innovative products and period equity mission, we're doing things differently on purpose to challenge the status quo.

be unapologetically inclusive

Everyone matters regardless of economic status, sexual orientation, identity, race or religion. We stand for equality and inclusion.

Be radically transparent

We disclose every ingredient we use in our products to inform and educate so you can make the best decision possible for your body.

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Our impact at a glance

joni exists to drive menstrual equity forward by donating at least 2% of revenues to menstrual equity initiatives in North America.





joni is on a mission to make sustainable period care accessible to everyone who needs it.


When we learned that 1 in 3 menstruators under 25 live in period poverty, we knew the status quo wasn't working. So we created a new model that incorporates what we wanted to see: fair pricing for all, transparency with ingredients, no stereotypes and toxins, and driving period equity initiatives forward in our communities. Together, menstrual equity is possible. That's why we say we're people powered.

Why we partner with non-profits

joni is building a new model and creating an ecosystem of accessible & sustainable period care

As a corporate partner, you contribute to our 5% giveback model that provides period products to our non-profit partners. These partners are instrumental in supporting communities and advocating for new period equity policies across Canada. Together, we drive change forward.

Every purchase makes a positive impact.

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