Better for you period care.

Ditch uninspiring and irritating “feminine hygiene” products and say hi to joni’s silky soft, super-absorbent and toxin-free pads and tampons. Feel the difference while you make a difference! We're people powered - every purchase empowers periods in your community. It's time.

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Uncompromising comfort and support when you need it.

joni certified organic period products and incontinence pads are designed to support you, not hold you back.

5-star love from the joni community.

Aside from the top quality products, I really like the minimal packaging used for shipping. No waste, bio-degradable… simple and clean.


One thing I love most is using a pad and knowing it won't be around for hundreds of years. I feel so much better using these than almost anything else. If you're unsure, do it!


I am super happy with my subscription and can't help but feel "what a shame I didn't find out about joni earlier!" Thank you for making such products exist, joni!


Different by design


Mainstream period products are made with petroleum plastic, uncomfortable, and irritating. So we created products that we feel good about using with certified organic, biodegradable, and compostable ingredients—without sacrificing effectiveness. joni elevates your period experience, month after month.

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Periods. Planet. People.

Good for our bodies

Our products will never contain toxic chemicals, irritating fragrances or ingredients that are in any way questionable to the health of your vulva or vagina. We're 100% transparent with our ingredients and materials used and commit to 0% nasties.

Good For our Planet

Our products are biodegradable, organic, and compostable because not everyone can (or wants to) use reusable products. To support bodily agency, it's important to have more sustainable disposable period care options available to everyone who needs them.

Good for our communities

joni works with non-profits to provide accessible and safe period care for all. 1 in 3 Canadians under 25 are unable to afford period care and go without or use unsafe options. To date, we have donated 120,000+ pads through our 5% for Period Equity model.

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Risk free subscriptions that work for you

Clean period and body care, delivered to your door.

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Choose goods and check out. Spend $15 or more & enjoy free shipping.

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Period care delivered when you need it. Save 15% every order + free shipping.

Make Your Impact

With every purchase you make, 5% is donated to community partners supporting period equity.

Our community impact

1 in 3 Canadians under age 25 don’t have access to safe period care. Choose joni and join a movement for #periodequity. Our give-back model funds product donations and community initiatives to break down menstrual stigmas and empower periods through our non-profit partners.

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Pads Donated