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How do I find help for my subscription?

We want to put the power into your hands when it comes to managing your subscription. The following steps will give you access to make the changes you need. To update your subscription, follow these simple steps:

1. Register an account at (top right of homepage) using the email address you used for your order. This links your order with your account.

2. Once registered, login to your account.

3. Once logged in, you will be able to make changes as needed.

Visual learner? Click here for video support. Having trouble? Reach out to our awesome support team at

Can I track my shipment?

Why did I receive a partial order?

Where are joni pads manufactured?

What are joni pads made out of?

Why do you use bamboo vs organic cotton for your pads?

What does "biodegradable" mean when it comes to joni pads?

Who do you donate products to?