Welcome To The joni Blog!

Welcome To The joni Blog!

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joni HQ Sidney BC 

Welcome! Linda here, co-founder at joni. I’m so happy to have you here. We’ve launched our blog with the intention of creating a safe place to learn and grow together. We’re excited to have you join us in our fight to empower all those who bleed... one pad, post, and  conversation at a time. 


Period Care is so much more than the products you use and we want the joni blog to reflect the many layers.  We’re excited to welcome guest speakers who are incredible experts in their field to cover topics around our periods and hormones, wellness, the  environment (and our impact), and important social issues and how they impact period poverty in our country. 

Where We are Headed as a Company

joni launched in March 2020 with the desire to empower all those who bleed. What my co-founder Jayesh and I learned about period poverty in Canada made us realize that structuring ourselves like any other company or operating with the “business-as-usual” mentality would only lead to us becoming part of the problem. 

Since we launched our business, we were hit with a pandemic, and now the world has awakened to the long standing cycles of racism and white privilege. We muted ourselves to listen to the important voices of #blacklivesmatter and those of Indigenous and People of Colour. From those messages, we’re more determined to fight for the change we set out to do from the  beginning. 

Period Rights are Human Rights: we believe in the right for people to bleed without shame, oppression or undue hardship. From the right to decide what products work best for you and having access to safe products regardless of your geographic location or socioeconomic status to the right to identify outside of the binary model as a menstruator - it is all part of the human right to live with dignity. We implement this into our values through our partnerships with not-for-profit and organizations that represent varying races and genders. From our learning, we are also  implementing decolonizing and BIPOC education in our onboarding to support an inclusive work space.


Traditional Models are Antiquated: Neither Jayesh or I were interested in creating just another revenue driven organization whose only concern was the bottom line. In the Period Care industry, margins for period products are very high (60%+) and companies can achieve significant revenue growth by selling products like tampons and pads that cost nothing to produce but are resold for extremely large profit margins. We’re committed to selling our products at fair prices while taking less margins and using those funds to provide period products to those in Canada who are unable to afford them or who do not have access to them.  


joni cofounders - Jayesh Vekariya and Linda Biggs

At our core, we care about people and we aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations if it means we will learn and grow together. We welcome any comments, ideas or suggestions you may have as we launch this blog.  Any topics or conversations you would like to see us cover?


Read more about the co-founders reason for starting joni here:

Jayesh Vekariya

Linda Biggs