Break The Cycle

period poverty in canada

We all have the power to fight for period equity in Canada.

With so many Canadians who menstruate going without period care each month, we knew the status quo wasn't working. 

With your help, we’re redefining what it means for period care brands to give-back by changing industry standards around transparency and accessibility.

One-For-One Model

joni works with grassroots organizations across Canada, as well as NGO's like the United Way, to distribute donated period products to communities and people in need. Since our launch on March 12, 2020, we have donated 44,000+ pads across Canada—that's equivalent to helping over 5200 people who would normally struggle to find period care each month. That's the power of one-for-one! #getjonigivejoni

Fair Pricing for All Canadians

Did you know that people in remote communities may pay $40+ for a box of pads or often go without when supplies aren't available? We make organic period care accessible to all Canadians regardless of location through our free-shipping model. This allows someone in a smaller remote community to have the same access as someone living in a Canadian city.

Transparency with Ingredients

It's absurd to us that period care products don't require ingredient disclosure. We believe that knowledge is power so all of our ingredients are disclosed so you can make an informed decision. 

Ditch the Stereotypes

It's 2020—the antiquated term "feminine hygiene" developed in the 19th Century has got to go. We feel the same way about hyper-feminine branding and images of women running through fields of flowers in white pants. We know better. Not all women menstruate. Some men do. People menstruate. 

When you choose a joni subscription, you get organic products that work and 
you play a role in driving period equity in Canada. It's that simple. 

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We believe everyone who menstruates needs to have access to safe period products. That’s the world you’re helping to make possible through our one-for-one model. A country where period equity is thriving and real.

There are over 9 million people who menstruate in Canada, of which one in three under the age of 25 lives in period poverty. Together, we can achieve period equity.