joni Period Care Dispensers

87% of people who menstruate are caught off guard at work and school. 37% of them leave.

joni Period Equity Dispenser

The easiest way to bring period equity into your organization.

Two compartments for pads and tampons with a locking top

Durable material that can be easily wiped down or sanitized

Can be mounted on a wall or sit on a counter

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Period Care Made Accessible

Just like you're not expected to carry a roll of toilet paper around, making period care accessible supports 30% of the population with a natural bodily function so they don't miss out out opportunities. Providing free sustainable period care supports 7 of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals for your organization. #periodequity

Commercial Battery Operated Dispenser

For higher traffic areas that require a more robust option our battery operated dispensers are the perfect commercial "freevend" solution.

Wall mounted and battery operated

30 second wait time between selections

Reduces waste with individual pad and tampon dispensing

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