Period Care Subscription

A woman sits on the toilet to discover she doesn't have period care! This could have been avoided with a menstrual care subscription.

Set it. Then forget it. 
Never have that "oh shit" moment again!

No minimum orders.
No contracts.
No change fees.
No shipping charges.

We're here to make it easy. You choose the organic and biodegradable pads and tampons you need at a cadence that works for you through our subscriptions. 

It's Simple!

1. Select your products

2. Pick your cadence (monthly, every other month, or every 3rd month)

3. Place your order

To Change Your Subscription

To change your subscription order, simply register your account on our website using the same email address used to place your order. Once registered, you will be able to modify or cancel your subscription order at anytime (***assuming it hasn't shipped already!).

Subscription cancellations will apply to the next scheduled shipment date as we are unable to provide refunds for products that have already shipped from a recurring order.

Select Your Period Care Products

Have questions? We're happy to help anytime. Take a look at our FAQ page. or reach out to and we'll get you sorted.