Partner Profile: Exchange District Pharmacy and GreenCrest Pharmacy

"Our mission is to provide the best care in our city. We value ALL of our patients, and ensuring they are in good care is our number one priority."

We're inspired by our retailer partnership with GreenCrest Pharmacy and the Exchange District Pharmacy. They're well known in Winnipeg for giving back to the communities they operate within. Their philosophy is simple: they care about their patients' wellbeing. Seeing people not able to access the period care they needed in their community, they purchased joni as part of a donation they were making to women's shelters in the region. We're able to offer discounted pads and tampons for donation purposes like this as part of our 5% for period equity mission. We caught up with GreenCrest and Exchange District to learn more about their initiative. Here's what they had to say!

You recently purchased joni period care products as part of a donation to shelters in Winnipeg. What compelled you to do something about period poverty?

We believe that everyone should have access to care products no matter what. This is a necessity in our society and the demand is high especially in Winnipeg. We are happy to give back to our community by providing products that every person who menstruates needs.

Can you please tell us a bit more about the Exchange District Pharmacy and GreenCrest Pharmacy? As a pharmacy, why is this initiative important to you?

Both Exchange District Pharmacy and GreenCrest Pharmacy are locally owned. We believe in giving back to our community as much as we can. This year has been very tough due to the pandemic, so the need for period care products is at an all-time high. We feel that these products need to be available to our community and we are happy to give back.

What is your business' mission and how does this initiative support this?

Our mission is to provide the best care in our city. We value ALL of our patients, and ensuring they are in good care is our number one priority. Many of our patients are women who may not have access or can afford period care products and use women’s shelters. This initiative gives us the opportunity to give to those who need it the most.

What role should private businesses play in contributing back into the communities they operate within?

The community is a vital part of the business as it represents the home. Any contributions to the community makes running a business worthwhile.

What does period equity mean to you?

It means that people have their needs met, including support and education on menstrual health.

What do you think is the biggest barrier to Canada reaching period equity?

The cost and taxes associated with menstrual health! There are many people out there that cannot afford the products needed for something that is NOT a choice.

What can people do in their own communities to support period equity?

Donate! Donations are always accepted at various shelters throughout the city. Volunteering at local women’s shelters, and educating yourself on menstrual health will also be beneficial. Ask questions!

Why did you reach out to joni for this initiative?

joni provides organic and biodegradable products. Not only are we helping out others, but we are also helping out the environment as well! 

We're so grateful and inspired by what Exchange District Pharmacy and GreenCrest Pharmacy are doing. Imagine if every business gave back in this way. If you know a business you think would make a good partnership with joni, please pass our name along!