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Elevate your self-care routine with our best-selling organic bamboo pads—the unrivaled champions of comfort, sustainability, and protection. Sleek, ultra-thin, super absorbent, and winged, joni pads effortlessly outshine conventional brands with stay-put protection that's certified free from fragrances and harmful levels of toxins. 

  • Pad length - 24.5 cm / 9.65 inches
  • Light to Medium flow


  • Ecocert organic bamboo
  • Chlorine and dioxin bleach free 
  • Individually wrapped in BPI-certified compostable wrapper
  • Recyclable box packaging 

Eco-Cert bamboo, non-GMO cornstarch, FSC-certified wood pulp, cellulose BPI-compostable polymer, plant-based SAP, PLA & PBAT, food-grade adhesive.

Is joni bamboo ethically & sustainably sourced?

Yes, we are very particular about how materials are sourced and who we work with. Our bamboo pulps are FSC-certified to ensure the sustainability of the plant. Components within the product has been tested for harmful substances. We also utilize a closed-loop bamboo process in our manufacturing. joni is OEKO-TEX STeP certfied for chemical-free materials and sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes.

Thoughtfully designed products to support a more comfortable menstrual experience.

Designed for sensitive skin
Softer than organic cotton and breathable to protect your skin.

Breathable to keep you dry
Plant-based protective moisture barriers to keep your vulva dry.
Mega absorbent
Leak-free reliability with a thin yet ultra-absorbent core layer.

Compostable & biodegradable
More sustainable with a smaller environmental footprint each month.

None of the bad stuff

Our pads are all proudly chemical, chlorine, and fragrance-free.

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Period care that's 100% good for your vulva and the planet.

Ecocert organic certified bamboo and cornstarch fibres.

BPI and OK-compost by TUV certified biodegradable plastic and paper.

92% biodegradable material, including FSC certified wood pulp and paper.

8% non-biodegradable material such as food-grade adhesive and Sumitomo SAP.

Real people, real reviews, happy customers.

I will never go back. The pads are so soft, so I never get irritation, and they’re shaped to prevent leaking.


These pads are so soft and comfortable that for the first time in my life, I forget that I'm wearing one.


Excellent...more comfortable than "regular" pads, and less irritating on my skin. I'll be using these from now on.


Frequently asked questions

Yes! joni pads do not contain plastic made from petroleum, which is the standard plastic found in mainstream pads. Instead, joni's protective layer is a plastic made from compostable bioplastic, which is plant based (made from cornstarch). We also use this material as a wrapper.

joni tampons are also plastic free since they do not use an applicator and each is wrapped in a film comprised of compostable cellulose.

Ingredients: Eco-Cert bamboo, non-GMO cornstarch, FSC-certified wood pulp, cellulose BPI-compostable polymer, plant-based SAP, PLA & PBAT, food-grade adhesive.

joni products are also OEKO-TEX STeP tested and certfied free from harmful chemicals and fragrances, and that joni complies with demanding environmental protection and social responsibility requirements. joni is vegan friendly and never tests on animals.

We use ethically sourced FSC-certified bamboo in our pads because it’s one of the most sustainable plants on earth. Bamboo grows in the wild without requiring any interference and is naturally anti-bacterial and so doesn’t require any pesticides. Additionally, bamboo consumes 10x less water to grow, has zero bi-product waste, and is 3x softer than organic cotton. We convert bamboo into fibres using the “OEKO-TEX standard 100” certified closed-loop process to have the least possible impact on the environment and to ensure that joni pads are completely free of any harmful chemicals.

joni pads are on average 92% biodegradable in 12 months under standard compost conditions and do not use conventional plastic that takes over 300 years to break down & our wrappers are 100% certified compostable.Conventional pads use the equivalent of 4 plastic bags. That adds up! joni pads offer a sustainable disposable solution.joni pads have SAP and food-grade non-toxic adhesives in them, which takes longer to biodegrade in standard conditions.

We are actively working towards making period products 100% biodegradable as part of our #progressnotperfection value.

Under ideal conditions, joni pads and tampons degrade within 12 months vs the decades or centuries it can take for plastic products to break down. While pads and tampons cannot generally go into municipal composts, they can be cut up and placed in some home composters. Otherwise, joni period care products can be thrown into your regular garbage where they will be taken to the landfill to decompose. As most landfills are compacted and airtight, even biodegradable period care may not break down as expected under ideal conditions. However, since our pads use bioplastics and not petroleum-based plastics, they won’t leave any microplastics or off-gasses behind—like conventional plastic pads may do. Note: tampons should never be flushed down the toilet.

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