What are Digital Tampons?

What are Digital Tampons?

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What are digital tampons? If a Fitbit for your vagina comes to mind, you’re not alone. But in fact, digital tampons are not tampon monitors and are not electronic or technological. Digital tampons are known simply as tampons in most of Europe and Australia as the tampon of choice. So what is a digital tampon? In Canada and the USA, they are most commonly known as applicator-free tampons yet they are not very common as menstruators in North America are most familiar with applicator tampons as the standard. 


Who’s responsible for this divide? In North America, Playtex introduced the applicator tampon and the roots are somewhat puritanical in nature. Dr. Earle Haas invented the applicator tampon in 1931 aiming to avoid the ‘taboo’ of women touching themselves (heaven forbid!). Playtex purchased the patent from Dr. Haas and popularized the applicator shortly thereafter.


Embracing Digital (Applicator-Free) Tampons


The problem with applicator tampons is that they come with a hefty environmental cost. Disposable tampons with a plastic applicator are 90% plastic and are equivalent to four plastic shopping bags — per tampon! Unfortunately, rather than ending up in recycling facilities, many tampons head for the landfill where they will stay intact for hundreds of years. Or, worse yet, they end up in the ocean after being flushed down the toilet. It’s easy to see how applicator tampons are an ecological choice.


A Matter of Choice


Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in menstrual care. Comfort levels and physical and even neurological differences will make certain period care products more appealing and suitable to different bodies. The choice is always yours and you should not ever feel ashamed for doing what is best for your body. 


That said, if you’ve never used digital tampons, it’s worth trying for the benefits.


The benefits of applicator-free tampons


  • Small and easy to carry

  • Simple design and no need to learn how to use an applicator

  • Easy to insert using your fingers with the ability to manually feel and position the tampon, giving you control and comfort

  • Keep plastic out of your vagina

  • Reduce your plastic waste and ecological footprint


Applicator-free tampons may just give you the freedom your period needs! 


Free the Tampon!


Speaking of freedom, set your tampon free! joni’s certified organic cotton tampons are not only free from the confines of an applicator, but they’re also free from fragrances, chlorine, titanium dioxide and other harmful toxins. These tampons boast certifications from GOTS, OCS, and OEKO-TEX 100, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances or chemicals like nitrates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.


The removal string is lightly treated with a moisture-repellant emulsion that acts like a barrier, helping to prevent any leakage onto your underwear. Each tampon is individually packaged in a plant-based, cellulose-derived wrapper, which meets the BPI and TUV standards for compostability under typical conditions. Additionally, joni tampons meet the stringent requirements of Health Canada and the FDA, ensuring their safety and quality.


joni tampons are not only biodegradable but also compostable as well. Even the packaging is designed with the planet in mind, made from compostable bioplastic. How amazing is that?


How Do I Use an Applicator-Free Tampon?


Inserting a digital tampon might seem a bit daunting at first, but with a little practice, it's very easy.


Instructions on inserting a digital tampon


  1. Start by washing your hands  

  2. Unwrap your tampon

  3. Stand with one foot on the toilet seat, sit on the toilet, or squat—find what works best for you. 

  4. Hold the tampon at the base of your vulva and relax your muscles. 

  5. Gently part your labia with your free hand and slowly insert the tampon into your vagina, aiming it towards your lower back, not straight up. It should slide in easily. 

  6. Push it in until the tampon sits comfortably inside, with the string hanging outside for easy removal. If you feel any discomfort, it might not be in far enough, so use your finger to push it a bit deeper. 


Empowerment in Your Choice


joni tampons are not just any tampons; they’re a mindful choice for both your body and our planet—without compromising comfort and practicality.  We're part of a powerful movement towards more sustainable and mindful living through eco-friendly menstrual products. Let’s keep breaking down old taboos, opening up conversations on menstrual health, and making choices that resonate with our personal and environmental values.