Bringing Menstrual Care into the Workplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bringing Menstrual Care into the Workplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Integrating menstrual care into the workplace is an important aspect of promoting a healthy and inclusive environment. Here's a step-by-step guide to bringing menstrual care products into your workplace to help you navigate this process. [free pdf download]


1. Understand Federal Workplace Menstrual Care Regulations


First, you need to understand whether your organization is federally regulated to comply with Canada’s Labour Code period care requirements. This code requires disposable pads and tampons to be available in every washroom. If your organization falls under this jurisdiction, it's important to ensure compliance.


2. Making the Decision


If your organization does not need to meet compliance requirements, it’s important to recognize how free workplace period care benefits workplaces:


  • Reduces absenteeism as 87% of those who menstruate do so unexpectedly and leave work to find the products they need.

  • Supports employee health and wellness since a lack of appropriate products can result in discomfort and even infections.

  • Fosters workplace diversity and inclusion by sending employees a message that all employees are welcome and supported.


If you are not the key decision maker in your organization, share the benefits of workplace menstrual products with your organization to get them on board with providing free period care.




3. Decide What Workplace Menstrual Care Products Your Organization Needs


After gathering the necessary information, you need to decide on the menstrual products that best suit your employees and support your organization’s initiatives. 


  • Consider internal initiatives such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and sustainability requirements. 

  • Understand how many disposable pads and tampons you will need to support workers. If you need help understanding your needs, reach out to and we can help. 

  • Do you need a way to dispense period products? Do you currently have machines on site, are you a small office that needs something for the counter, or a larger organization that needs a convenient and efficient way to distribute products? joni’s Model A is a great low-cost option that can sit on a counter or be mounted on a wall.


It’s important to note that federally regulated organizations must meet the requirements by providing disposable menstrual pads and tampons in every washroom (all genders).


Choosing organic and plastic-free products is exceedingly more accessible and health-supporting as well since they are less likely to cause discomfort and irritation than some conventional plastic period care products are known to cause. Plus, they produce less waste to help meet your organization's waste reduction initiatives.




4. Choosing a Workplace Menstrual Care Partner


When you’re ready to proceed, choose a company that ticks all your boxes and meets your requirements. They should be able to estimate the quantity and frequency of menstrual care products that your organization requires. 


⏹️ Are products sustainable (compostable wrappers)? Disposable? Organic? 

⏹️ Do they have vending options for distribution for your size of organization?

⏹️ How does ordering products work? Is there a subscription service for easy re-ordering?

⏹️ Where's the vendor located and is customer service easy if you need to make changes? 


By integrating accessible menstrual care into your workplace, you're taking a significant step toward fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.


At joni, we’ve considered all these options to deliver complete turn-key wholesale solutions:

✅ A service with subscriptions for “set and forget” ordering,

✅ tools for helping you determine what your product needs are,

✅ and a variety of products and dispensers to support your organization, whatever your size.


Not only that, but our innovative products are organic and biodegradable to support your internal DEI and EDI initiatives. Join us and 100+ organizations across Canada to provide sustainable period products to their employees, creating more equitable workplaces today. Get in touch at for more information.