Medium Flow Bundle

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Medium Flow Bundle
Medium Flow Bundle Medium Flow Bundle Medium Flow Bundle Medium Flow Bundle

For those with some lighter flow days and some heavier days, our Regular Flow Bundle offers the perfect in-between support:

1 x super organic applicator free tampons (16 tampons)
1 x regular bamboo pads (8 pads)
1 x super bamboo pads (7 pads)

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Chemical-free  |  Fragrance-free  |  Chlorine-Free  |  Compostable Wrappers

5% For Period Equity with Every Purchase!

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sustainable and organic period pads that are good for your vulva and biodegrade so they are good for the planet too

100% good for your vulva

Full ingredient disclosure: Ecocert organic certified bamboo and cornstarch fibres. BPI and OK-compost by TUV certified biodegradable plastic and paper. 92% biodegradable material, including FSC certified wood pulp and paper. 8% non-biodegradable material such as food-grade adhesive and Sumitomo SAP.

Sustainable & disposable period care

Not everyone wants to or can use reusable products so having more sustainable disposable options is an important step to a smaller carbon footprint while menstruating. Joni pads biodegrade on average 92% within 12 months—compared to a conventional plastic pad that can take several decades—and we’re working on making that 100%!

5% for menstrual equity

We’ve donated over 110,000 period products since we launched in 2020 and we’re just getting started. 5% of our revenue supports period equity initiatives like educational programs, product donations and research projects in order to empower everyone who menstruates.