Heavy Flow Bundle

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Heavy Flow Bundle
Heavy Flow Bundle Heavy Flow Bundle Heavy Flow Bundle Heavy Flow Bundle

We understand how heavier flows can be all-consuming so we created a bundle for just that kind of intensity. Our Heavy Flow Bundle includes our most absorbent tampons and the longest pads we carry for ultimate but comfortable support:

1 x super plus organic applicator free tampons (16 tampons)
1 x super bamboo pads (7 pads)
1 x overnight bamboo pads (6 pads)

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Chemical-free  |  Fragrance-free  |  Chlorine-Free  |  Compostable Wrappers

5% For Period Equity with Every Purchase!

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sustainable and organic period pads that are good for your vulva and biodegrade so they are good for the planet too

100% good for your vulva

Full ingredient disclosure: Ecocert organic certified bamboo and cornstarch fibres. BPI and OK-compost by TUV certified biodegradable plastic and paper. 92% biodegradable material, including FSC certified wood pulp and paper. 8% non-biodegradable material such as food-grade adhesive and Sumitomo SAP.

Sustainable & disposable period care

Not everyone wants to or can use reusable products so having more sustainable disposable options is an important step to a smaller carbon footprint while menstruating. Joni pads biodegrade on average 92% within 12 months—compared to a conventional plastic pad that can take several decades—and we’re working on making that 100%!

5% for menstrual equity

We’ve donated over 110,000 period products since we launched in 2020 and we’re just getting started. 5% of our revenue supports period equity initiatives like educational programs, product donations and research projects in order to empower everyone who menstruates.